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                    ADD: THE WEST INDUSTRIAL
                    ZONE OF LUOYANG TOWN
                    CHANGZHOU CHINA
                    TEL: 0086-519-88791105
                    FAX: 0086-519-88791902
                    E-MAIL: yongan@yonganmotor.com
                    Your current location:HOME > R & D capability

                    echnology innovation is the drive of continuous development for Yong’an Electric.Yong’an Electric possesses a branch of excellent, young  technology staff. They are quick-minded, energetic, innovative and good at developing products to meet the need of the market by advanced  technology.

                       Yong’an Electric possesses its own productive system, adopts the most advanced research equipments and first-class technology staff at home,and has developed a series of software specially for the research and  development of electromotor products. Yong’an Electric leads the industry in the aspect of the 3-dimension model and limited element analysis.

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